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A day at the Capital in honor of Dr. Dawn Bohulano Mabalon for Asthma Advocacy Day

Our Executive Director, Nikki Chan, and Board Chair, CaseyAnn Carbonell, joined Little Manila Rising's Asthma Advocacy Day to speak with legislators at the Capitol about air quality, housing standards, and clinical and educational policies that impact people with #asthma.

Nikki also suffers from asthma herself and understands the importance to share her story and educate decision-makers on the effects of asthma.

The DAWN program (Decreasing Asthma Within Neighborhoods) started in July of 2020. DAWN was

created with the intention to mitigate asthma in South Stockton at the intersection of #EnvironmentalJustice and #PublicHealth through a #RacialJustice lens. As we understand the complexities behind asthma, we hope to empower our South Stockton community by expanding their existing knowledge on asthma and engaging them in social justice and advocacy to live longer and healthier lives.

For more info on the DAWN program, visit:


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