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API Resiliency Recap 1

We can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks since our API Resiliency Summit! A big thank you to all of our youth participants, community partners, co-sponsors, volunteers, and all those we may have missed!

The day was a beautiful reflection of the power, wisdom, and resiliency of Stockton and the Central Valley, and we can’t wait to keep pushing the work forward. Stay tuned for updates!

We’ll be showcasing photos from each part of the summit in the coming days. In this post you’ll see:

🌊The powerful opening prayer and blessing from our local Buddhist monk and elder from the Wat Dhammararam temple in Stockton

🌊Opening remarks from our EMAC Executive Director Nikki Chan, Stockton’s Office of Violence Prevention Outreach Worker, Kaz Lek, and Delta College’s Program Manager of the Empowerment Resource Programs (including the Phoenix Project), Dr. Ricky Gutierrez-Maldonado.

🌊Our morning keynote from Si Deng

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