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Do not place more asylum seekers behind bars as Title 42 lifts!

EMAC joins the 233 organization's call on the Biden administration to live up to its promise of creating a more humane immigration system by ensuring asylum seekers and other migrants are not placed behind bars in immigration detention as Title 42 is lifted.

Our organizations welcome the overdue end of the unlawful and cruel Title 42 expulsion policy. As Title 42 ends, the government can heed lessons from other nations; the international community has for years managed to humanely and fairly receive people forced to flee their homes due to crises and conflict. Many nations have responded to this challenge with community-based services and support programs—not by expanding the use of detention. The United States must show moral leadership and join these nations, rather than those that seek to punish and stigmatize the most vulnerable among us through detention and surveillance.

Read more about Title 42 and the complete open letter at:

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