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Keep families together! Support the #HOMEact #AB1306

The Harmonizing Our Measures for Equality (#HOMEact) #AB1306 by Assemblymember Wendy Carillo (@AsmCarrillo) is launching today! Community members who have earned release under these existing reforms should be able to return HOME, reunite with their families, and rebuild their lives instead of being cruelly transferred to ICE. This is an issue of equality and fairness.

Watch and listen to learn how we can advance equal justice for immigrant Californians. Speakers include community leaders Tin Nguyen (VietRISE), Sandra Castaneda, Phil Melendez (Smart Justice), Assemblymember Carrillo and other legislators including Sen. Bradford and Asm. Kalra. Watch now at:

Read Sandra Castañeda and Tin Nguyen’s powerful stories here: and here:

Finally, take action now and let your Assembly Member know you support the #HOMEAct here:

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