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Our Executive Director is one of this year's Filipino Young Leaders!

Our very own Executive Director Nikki Chan has been chosen to be a part of this year's Filipino Young Leaders Program! Read more about FYLPRO below!

The Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO), a joint initiative of the Philippine Embassy, Consulates General in the United States @philippinesusa , and the @ayalafoundation Inc. (AFI), is pleased to announce the 2023 FYLPRO Delegates. The Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) is a network of high-performing, next-generation leaders who advance the Philippines and the Filipino people through their advocacy and expertise in various industries.

FYLPRO continually expands the pipeline of Filipino young leaders in the diaspora. By connecting them to the motherland, FYLPRO fosters collaborative multinational relationships that create innovations and support the socio-economic progress of the global Filipino community.

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