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EMAC envisions a future that thrives in joy and prosperity and celebrates our cultural identities.

Our Story

EMAC was founded in 2017 with the intention of serving the Southeast Asian community in and around Stockton, California.

We formed in response to the increase in immigration raids, separation of mixed-status families, and ICE detentions and deportations in our community under both Obama and Trump administrations.


The mission of EMAC is to help build safe and thriving Southeast Asian communities within the larger Asian American and Pacific Islander diaspora.

We seek to fulfill this mission through community advocacy and civic engagement, providing culturally relevant resources, and cultivating the development of social empowerment through the expression of our values: transformative justice, culturally rooted healing, communal resilience, and collective liberation.

Our Values

Transformative Justice

We practice community-based transformative justice by recognizing the humanity of everyone involved in harm or violence and center those most affected. We strive to heal from and prevent violence, and work towards a long-term vision of holistic liberation.

Culturally Rooted Healing

We embody culturally rooted healing by identifying our individual and shared points of generational trauma and oppression, while actively working to heal individually and collectively. We value our intersectional identities, cultural assets, and wealth, and practice indigenous traditions rooted in our cultures.

Communal Resiliency

We embrace communal resiliency by cultivating strong social bonds within the community. We support and collaborate with each other by exchanging ideas and resources to protect and promote our shared humanity. We stay true to our fundamental identities while also being flexible, capable, and adaptable.

Collective Liberation

We prioritize collective liberation both inside and outside our organization to create a world without systemic oppression. We think beyond silos and build intersectional relationships that center joy, fun, and laughter.

What We Do