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Let's celebrate AND be smart about our well-being! Here are some tips that can reduce the risk of being a victim of crime, scams, and theft, especially during Thai, Lao, & Cambodian New Year!

นี่คือคำเเนะนำในการลดความเสี่ยงจากการตกเป็นเหยื่อทางอาชญากรรม การหลอกลวง เเละการโจรกรรม โดยเฉพาะอย่างยิ่งช่วงปีใหม่ไทย ลาว กัมพูชา

នេះជាគន្លឹះខ្លះៗដែលអាចជួយកាត់បន្ថយអ្នកពីហានិភ័យនៃការក្លាយជាជនរងគ្រោះនៃឧក្រិដ្ឋកម្ម ភាពឆបោក និងចោរកម្ម ជាពិសេសនៅក្នុងកំឡុងពេលបុណ្យចូលឆ្នាំប្រពៃណីថៃឡាវ និងខ្មែរនាពេលខាងមុខនេះ៖

ນີ້​ແມ່ນ​ບາງ​ຄຳ​ແນະ​ນຳ​ທີ່​ສາ​ມາດ​ຫຼຸດ​ຄວາມ​ສ່ຽງ​ຂອງ​ການ​ຕົກ​ເປັນ​ເຫຍື່ອ​ຂອງ​ອາ​ຊະ​ຍາ​ກຳ, ການ​ຫຼອກ​ລວງ ແລະ ການ​ລັກ​ຂະ​ໂມຍ, ໂດຍ​ສະ​ເພາະ​ໃນ​ລະ​ຫວ່າງບຸນ​ປີ​ໃໝ່​ລາວ, ໄທ ແລະ ກຳ​ປູ​ເຈຍ:

Back by popular demand, our next FREE self-defense workshop hosted by Tina Tagorda of Team CAMA in partnership with Healing PUSO, the 209 Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition, & Little Manila Rising returns on Saturday April 29th from 11-1 PM PST! Register today as spaces are limited at: or call (209) 315-5389. This workshop is open to women, elders, and children and open to all ages. Those under 18 will need parent/guardian consent. Please bring a water bottle, towel, wear comfortable clothing, and be ready to remove your socks and shoes before the workshop. Please be ready to sign a waiver. Attendees will receive 1 FREE WEEK of any class at Team CAMA! Please inquire about translation services. Tina Tagorda, Assistant Taekwondo Instructor - Tina is a dedicated student who trains 4 to 5 days per week. Along with training, she assists with the Children’s Taekwondo classes on a regular basis. Her training background consists of both Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Tina is currently attending college and uses the martial arts training as part of her exercise routine and as a stress reliever to balance her life. She has realized that the benefits of training does not end within the academy, but permeates all other areas of her life. Tina is a 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and is also an avid competitor in the sport. Location: Concepcion Academy of Martial Arts, 8909 Thornton Road #2, Stockton, CA 95209

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