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We are delighted to announce our 2023 Filipinx Advocacy Day will be taking place on Tuesday, 4/25 at the California State Capitol and via virtual legislative meetings.

Our collective agenda is one that focuses on Ethnic Studies, Worker Rights, Economic Justice, and Public Safety.

This will be a day of legislative visits, power, and community building, and learning for our Coalition members and the youth, adults, and families we serve across California.

No prior advocacy experience is required to participate. The Filipinx Advocacy Day is intended to be a positive and memorable educational experience for all members, youth, adults, and families. Our democratic process is only as strong as our engagement and participation in all aspects of the process.

Together, the FIERCE Coalition works to create an inclusive and positive environment that fosters learning, engagement, and activation for all participants.

To participate in our upcoming Filipino Advocacy Day you must attend our mandatory virtual training/info night on Thursday, April 13th from 6-8 PM (PST). During this training, you will learn about our policy and legislative priorities for this session, the legislators we will meet with, and what to expect at the event.

Join us in showing the presence and might of the 1.5M Filipinas/xs/os in California!

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Gun violence has far-reaching effects on individuals, loved ones, and communities. It's crucial to offer resources for healing and rebuilding. Community agencies and members must work together to find solutions for a safer tomorrow.

In light of the recent gun violence in Stockton, we were lucky to join Stockton’s Office of Violence Prevention and partners to connect, reflect, and engage at End The Silence, Stop The Violence on Thursday, March 30th from 12-1 PM at M&M Market 1804 E. 8th Street in Stockton.

Be an Upstander, not a Bystander!

The 5D's are different methods – Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, and Direct – that you can use to support someone who’s being harassed, emphasize that harassment is not okay, and demonstrate to people in your life that you have the power to make our community safer.

See below for details on the 5 D's of Being An Upstander and click here for the 1-page infographic.

Source: Right To Be. For specific examples and videos of how to use "The 5 D's" and more details on how to be an Upstander visit:

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for how to register for our next FREE self-defense workshop on Saturday, April 29 from 11-1 PM hosted by Team CAMA in partnership with Healing PUSO, The 209 Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition, and Little Manila Rising.

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