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Last November, we served over 150 South Stockton community members with a range of health and healing services at the historic Trinity Presbyterian Church for our third Asian Health & Healing Clinic!

The event was made possible through our partnerships with Healing PUSO, Little Manila Rising, Blue Shield of California, Community Medical Centers, the Emergency Food Bank, Kaiser Permanente, San Joaquin Health Centers, and San Joaquin County Public Health Services.

A wide range of free and locally-based services and resources to support our community with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and healing were offered including:

  • Free groceries

  • Electronic blood pressure monitor wristbands

  • Target gift cards for participants who received flu shots and COVID vaccines

  • Coats, socks, and pants for families

  • Reiki sessions by Manong Medicine

  • Hilot and Traditional Filipinx Massages by OG Goddess

  • Sound Healing by Luminous Luna Apothecary

  • Persimmon Acupuncture and Chair Massage by Tracee Bucio

  • Healthy food was provided by Rice Dreams & Nikki’s Create a Bowl food trucks

  • Self-defense training for young people facilitated by Bahala Na Martial Arts

Hannah Davino, holistic health director of Little Manila Rising, spoke on the importance of the event saying, "We're making sure that we're addressing the social determinants of health, addressing both physical and mental health disparities, because mental health is physical health." She continued by centering the importance of understanding the impacts of mental health illness adding, "A lot of mental health illnesses and symptoms manifest into diabetes, hypertension or heart disease. There's a lot of linkage between those two."

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