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Did you catch us this morning on #KCRA3? Our April FREE self-defense workshop was hosted by Tina Tagorda of Team CAMA in partnership with Healing PUSO, the 209 Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition, & Little Manila Rising.

Watch the interview here.

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We were honored to join our sister organizations and programs at the 8th annual Equity on The Mall at the State Capital yesterday! The event was hosted by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation and the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund.

Equity on The Mall aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and strengthening equity in all aspects of life, primarily for people in historically marginalized groups and underserved communities throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

As Stockton has experienced generational systemic inequities, we recognize the importance of fighting for power through direct services AND through legislation and policy. Resistance is also a Stockton legacy! We echo our partners in calling our legislators to:

* Educate agencies, decision-makers, and the public on the need to extend broadband internet services into San Joaquin communities.

* Ensure that the San Joaquin Valley grantees in the California Community Schools Partnership- Program are improving school responsiveness to student and family needs and organizing school and community resources to address barriers to learning.

* Ensure that all California residents have a direct role in the decision-making process to design and implement the environmental and social policies that impact them.

* Increase and expand investments in culturally and linguistically appropriate primary care that is effective, equitable, understandable, respectful, responsive, and no-cost to community members of diverse backgrounds, practices, gender identification, of low-income, immigration and housing status.

* Actively address segregation by securing true housing choice through incentivizing development in growth areas to facilitate and incorporate housing opportunities for all.

* Secure robust public and private investments to facilitate COVID-19 economic relief and recovery, and access to economic wellbeing for all families and small business owners regardless of immigration status.


NEW: Californians Sue the CA Prison System for Illegal Discriminating Against People Suspected of Being Born Outside the US

A new lawsuit led by incarcerated and formerly incarcerated California details how CDCR unlawfully discriminates against hundreds of people each year in their wholly voluntary efforts to assist ICE. CDCR refers people in its custody to ICE for detention and deportation after they have served their time in prison, contributing to a dual system of justice that targets immigrants, refugees, and anyone CDCR officers unilaterally - and often incorrectly - assume was born outside the U.S. In violation of Californians’ civil rights, CDCR at times makes these decisions using nothing more than their perception of an incarcerated person’s place of birth, race, ethnicity, or how well they speak English.

This policy also excludes people if they are perceived to be foreign-born from rehabilitative programs, alternative-to-custody programs, lower-security housing placements, educational & vocational programs that help them transition back to their communities.

When Choy Pangthong entered CDCR custody, CDCR notified ICE, even though Pangthong had become a US citizen the previous year. “For nearly two decades, I lived with the fear and trauma caused by CDCR’s discriminatory ICE notification policy based on where I was born."


WATCH: Click here

Through its unlawful discrimination and targeting of immigrants and refugees, CDCR is undermining Californian values of equality and justice. As the CA legislature works towards passing the #HOMEAct so that more Californians can return home to their families, we’re calling on Gov. Newsom to protect Californians and halt CDCR’s cooperation with ICE today.

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