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We’re hiring! We are now accepting applications for our new EMAC Ignite Fellows (4 total!) and our new EMAC Ignite Fellowship Coordinator!

The 4 EMAC Ignite Fellows will be trained for leadership development and skill building, serve as an outreach worker and resource navigator, and coordinate, facilitate, implement, and evaluate EMAC’s summer Empowerment Programming (209 Asian & Pacific Islander Homies Circle and Southeast Asian Youth Power). Additionally, Ignite Fellows will support with special projects like digital media and research.

The position is expected to start in September 2023 (or until filled). The position is part-time hourly based in Stockton, CA at $18 an hour (25 hours a week) and comes with excellent health and retirement benefits.


Please send resume to with subject line: EMAC Ignite Fellows Position

The EMAC Ignite Fellowship Coordinator will assist in the creation, design, and coordination of the new EMAC Ignite Fellowship Program for incoming and current cohorts and supervise our new EMAC Ignite Fellows!

The position is expected to start in September 2023 (or until filled). The position is also full-time hourly based in Stockton, CA at $24 an hour (40 hours a week) and comes with excellent vision, dental, health, and retirement benefits!


Please send resume, cover letter, and 3 professional references to with subject line: EMAC Fellowship Coordinator Position

The 209 Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition, Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities, and Healing PUSO of Little Manila Rising, has just launched the new "Stop The Hate" Incident Reporting Tool for the Central Valley and Stockton!

The "Stop The Hate" Incident Reporting Tool can be accessed at: (link in bio)

The "Stop The Hate" Incident Reporting Tool housed under the 209 API Coalition website, is a tool designed to collect information on hate incidents impacting our diverse community in the Central Valley and Stockton. By gathering this crucial data, we can work towards implementing better protection, pinpoint educational needs, and help to introduce policies to end hate and discrimination across our communities.

The Incident Reporting Tool is available in multiple languages, including English, Cambodian, Hindi, Hmong, Lao, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Anyone of any background can report an incident of hate whether the incident took place today or in the past. Additionally, any information shared through this incident reporting tool will be kept confidential and we will never disclose information to law enforcement or any third party without consent.

In addition to the "Stop The Hate" Incident Reporting Tool, the 209 APIC website also includes an array of local resources and hotlines, upcoming events to prevent and heal from hate and trauma, as well as current research and data regarding incidents of hate against the Asian American & Pacific Islander communities and overall BIPOC communities both locally and nationally.

Stay tuned for more info and resources on Stopping The Hate in Stockton and the Central Valley and please report an incident of hate and share the website and tool today at (link in bio).

Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities (EMAC) is one of the 15 nonprofit organizations currently enrolled in the Nonprofit Capacity Building Program (NCBP). Nikki Chan is the Executive Director for @emacstockton and one of the many incredible leaders working to create stronger systems and infrastructure in their organization to continue their work in the Stockton community for many years to come.

When asked about her experience in the NCBP, she said, “I was able to learn valuable skills and knowledge in areas like strategic planning, program management, and operational structure. Through the mentorship of the program, we were provided valuable guidance and advice that has been tailored to our specific organization's needs. Having this program locally has been a great support because Stockton is unique in its needs and community. Working in Stockton is not for the faint of heart but being able to learn and gain insights into structure, strategy, and processes has helped my organization in creating a strong foundation that allows us to better serve our community.”

We’re excited to continue working with our local nonprofits, and incredible leaders like Nikki, as they build organizational capacity and enhance their work in bringing positive change to our community!

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