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ICE out of California is excited to host Bring it Home: A Community Forum & Call to Action for the HOME Act (AB1306) on Tuesday August 8th, 2023 at 7 pm pst via zoom.

We will be joined by incredible community members, impacted leaders, and advocates to learn more about how we can protect California immigrants from being turned over to ICE after being found eligible for release. Join us and learn how you can take action!

RVSP: (link in bio)

Harmonizing Our Measure for Equality (HOME Act) AB 1306 would ensure that immigrant Californians who earn release from state prison under existing criminal justice laws can come home instead of being double punished and cruelly transferred to ICE where they experience indefinite detention and, often times, permanent separation from their families and communities. The bill is now in the Senate, and will be heard next in the Appropriations Committee.

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Our 209 Homies Circle has been learning, growing, and transforming in some beautiful ways. This past week, the elder homies Kaz and Choy shared their own powerful testimonies and guided the young homies through a wisdom tree of life activity. The tree represented:

Roots (ancestors, culture, foundation)

Trunk (support, community)

Branches (values)

Leaves + Fruit (purpose)

The homies also explored their identities through a writing activity that asked them to reflect and share their:

Spiritually: Gender, income, race, age

Culture: Knowing your roots, ancestors, and community

Purpose: What are you here to do? How do you get there?

Help us continue to continue the 209 Homies Circle. Please consider donating to EMAC at today!

MAC, Healing PUSO, and the 209 API Coalition are proud to be organizing to #StopTheHate in #Stockton! Check out part 1 of 3 videos showcasing Daisha as they explain the tireless work we've been doing to stop the hate and center our wellness. From weekly sound healing and check-in circles, self-defense workshops, or our Asian Health & Healing Clinics, we've been hard at work promoting, cultivating, and allowing our community to shine despite the odds!

Stay tuned for some exciting news coming very soon...

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