Our Team


Community Organizer

Nikki Chan

Nikki Chan​ is a community advocate, graphic designer, and journalist from Stockton, CA. She graduated from Dominican University of California with a BA in Communication and Media Studies. As a community advocate, she uses her skills in design and journalism to help ignite and raise voices of people who are marginalized. She has helped her hometown City of Stockton in numerous health initiatives like the Healthy Beverage Ordinance, Greenlining the Hood, and issues affecting Asian American Pacific Islanders.


Community Organizer

Sokha "Kaz" Lek

Sokha "Kaz" Lek is a community organizer/activist, that provides education and support services. Kaz was born in a Cambodian refugee camp in Thailand, raised straddling old and new culture in a struggling immigrant household in Stockton, CA. Kaz brings a unique worldview to the work he does to improve his community of Stockton. Kaz has been organizing in his community for over 15 years.


Community Organizer

CaseyAnn Carbonell

CaseyAnn Carbonell is a second generation Filipina-American. CaseyAnn graduated from CSU Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration emphasis in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, minor in Economics. She is passionate about strategic organizing in her professional life and also in her personal life as a community advocate/organizer. She aims to use her operational skills to strategically create community and work towards equity collectively.


Community Organizer

Sothea Ung

Sothea Ung is a community development, program developer and organizational manager and has been organizing for more than 15 years. Sothea was born in Cambodia and moved to Stockton, California in 2012. He graduated from Royal University of Law and Economics with a Master Degree in Business Management. Sothea has had experience in business management, international campaign for human trafficking, road safety education campaigns for Southeast Asian countries, and leadership programs. As a community organizer and an expertise in program management, Sothea uses his knowledge and experiences to help strengthen and build youth leadership for our community.


Community Organizer

Thear Chum

Thear Chum is a 1.8 generation Cambodian-American who was raised in both the midwest and Stockton. Thear graduated with a BA in Sociology and minor in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies from UC Berkeley and Master’s of Social Work from CSU Sacramento. Thear is a firm believer in working towards social justice through the intersection community organizing and mental health, and aims to use his skill set to support in the positive growth of the Stockton community.


Community Organizer/EMAC Staff

Donald Donaire

Donald Donaire (pronouns: they/them) is a second-generation Filipinx American who was born in Daly City but grew up in Stockton. They studied Ethnic Studies at the University of California in San Diego and returned to their hometown to do youth and education work. Donald is also involved with the San Joaquin Delta College Pride Center and the Little Manila After School Program.


Community Organizer

UyenMy Nguyen

UyenMy Nguyen (pronouns: she/her, they/them) is a proud queer, second-generation Vietnamese-American, and Expressive Arts Psychotherapist. UyenMy has lived & worked as a community organizer, case manager, and mental health counselor & clinician for youth in various cities such as San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Oakland, San Francisco, and looks forward to settling down roots living in Stockton. UyenMy hopes to contribute their passions & skills in the arts, healing, social justice, and working with the Southeast Asian community.


Community Organizer

Jr Arimboanga

Originally from Northeast Stockton, Jr Arimboanga, MAT, currently is an Ethnic Studies teacher at Cesar Chavez High in Stockton. He has been working alongside high school aged youth for over a decade in San Francisco’s Southeast neighborhoods and in East Oakland.  Bridging his passion for social justice and creativity, he has been helping to fight for Ethnic Studies his entire career.